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These kundalidarpan predictions help you with daily, monthly as well as yearly forecasts. These predictions are careful to study of your house placements, planet conjunctions, and movement of the planet which is presented in the form of a detailed report. Rather than wasting time on researching the confident source of astrology, you can now be confidently dependent on the horoscope analysis of kundliDarpan. You can surely depend on the report as it is individual report that is coming from trusted and educated astrologers.

The increasing unpredictability of life events is giving rise to higher levels of insecurities in life. People are highly uncertain about the happenings in their life. Regular astrological predictions help you to remain aware of the problems you are going to face in the future. Knowing the future can help the person to stay ready for prevention. Detail astrological reports keep us up to date with sets of precautions for example what problem one might face and what one should do in order to prevent the hardship of the event. The report supports you with important events, lucky color, lucky day, lucky Substitute stones, and extensive detail that can help you manage the day.

The report predicts the future in various sections like health, finance, love and relationship, personality and character report etc. Various problems can be detected and can be bought to the solutions with help of these reports. One can easily know the weak spots of events or personality that might cause a dilemma in the future.

The report carefully calculates the strength and weaknesses of different planets in one’s birth chart. Thereafter careful analysis of the malefic and benefic effect of planets in the horoscope the astrological remedies are given out.

KundliDarpan Features:
Charts & Calculations
Avakahada Chakra
Panchang of Birthday
Planetary Degrees and their Positions
Calculation of Birth Chart, Moon Chart, Navamsa Chart
Chalit and Nirayana Bhava Chalit
Karak, Avastha, Rashmi – Signification & Power of planets
Sudarshan Chakra – Represents the comparative positions of the planets in the Sun, Moon and Lagna charts simultaneously from outer to inner circle respectively. To study a house consider the signs in all the three charts simultaneously.
KP System, KP Chart
Tables of Significators& Ruling Planets in KP
Table of Significators of Houses
Planet Signification Table
Shodasvarg Charts – 16 divisional charts to study the various areas. An event can’t be predicted in independently on the basis of a divisional chart rather it needs to be studied along with the birth chart. It should be remembered that there is no aspect of planets in divisional charts. The strength of planets is limited to the sign and house occupied.
ShodashVarga Tables, VargaBhedas, Vimsopaka Strength
Permanent, Temporary & Five-Fold Friendship Tables
Shadbala&Bhavbala Tables
Prashtarashtakvarga Tables
AshtakVarga Tables
VimshottariDasha with Sub-Sub-Sub period
Yogini Dasha
Numerological Calculations
Basic Numerological Calculations
Astrology Predictions
Planet Reading
Mahadasha Prediction
Dasha/Antardasha Prediction (For 5 years)
Favorable Points – Information about lucky stone, color, number, article, time, day, date, year, sign, cereal, metal, direction, donate item, god etc.
House Prediction – Predictions about various areas of Life like Physique, Health, Nature, Finance, Family, Travel, Education, Love Life, Children, Disease, Enemies, Marriage, Business Partner, Profession etc.

5 Years Transit Predictions – Yearly predictions on the basis of transit of planets for each year with various areas of Life like Profession, Wealth, Property, Family, Children, Health, Career & Competition, and Travels.
Yogas with Predictions
Numerology Predictions
Numerological Predictions
All Astrological Remedies
Gem Selection
Detailed Analysis of Gems
Gem Recommendation as per Dasha
Gems, Mantra, Donate Item & Fast as per Dasha along with benefits
Method of Gem Wearing with Muhurat, Mantra & Donate Item
Favorable Stone
Rudraksha Remedies
Sade-sati Consideration
Remedies of Sadesati
Manglik Dosh Remedies
Kalsarp Dosh Remedies
Pitridosha Remedies

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